Mounts and Trolleys

Mounts and Trolleys

Mounts and Trolleys


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  • Projector Mounts
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Ceiling Mount Kit Pearl Grey, 1m

Product no.: 0295

£60.48 *
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New Vision TM-CC Flush Projector Bracket

Product no.: 0450

£40.80 *
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Vision TM-IFP Flat Panel Electric Floor Stand

Product no.: 0307

£754.80 *
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Vision TM-IFP Portable Conversion Kit

Product no.: 0350

£234.00 *

VISION TM-1200 1.2m Projector Bracket

Product no.: 0480

£74.40 *
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Celexon provide solutions for all your projection requirements. Manual, Electric, Folding Frames & Custom made projection screens.


Vision, Professional Audio Visual Installation Products, including Ceiling Mounts, Large Screen Mounts and Portable Stands.