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Format of the projection screen


Depending on the application, the image projected will be in a specific format (aspect ratio). Presentations, for example, are often reproduced in a 4:3 format, whereas video is mostly in the 16:9 format. To achieve an optimal projection result, it therefore makes sense to select a screen in the format best suited to the intended use or one that corresponds to the native format of your projector.



For an optimal projection experience, the audience should sit neither too close nor too far away from the screen.

The minimum distance between the audience and the screen is 1.5 times the width of the screen viewing area. If the distance is less, the audience would be forced to move their heads in order to view the overall image. The maximum distance between the audience and the screen is 6 times the screen width. If the distance is greater, the audience would not be able to read any text.

The optimal distance between the audience and the screen is 4.5 times the width of the screen in a conference or large meeting room. It is 2 to 3 times the width for home cinema viewing.


To capture the overall image without having to move one’s head, the viewing angle (from the audience) to the screen must be no more than 80° (40° to the right and left) horizontally. In the vertical direction, the viewing angle must be no more than 50° (20° up and 30° down).



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