Managed Print

Managed Print

Managed Print


We work in partnership with Advanced Imaging Systems.‚Äč


Advanced Imaging Systems Ltd was formed in Swindon in 1979, and currently has offices in Swindon, Bristol and Northampton. 

It is our aim to establish a long-term business relationship with our customers and ensure they are given the highest level of service and respect, from an initial enquiry through the installation process and during the entire life of the product.

AIS supply quality reliable equipment from Konica Minolta, Kyocera, Toshiba and most importantly make sure our customers receive the best possible advice, support, maintenance and service which in return earns us our customer's loyalty (the most valuable asset of our business).

All telephone calls are answered by one of our friendly, trained staff and not an automated system.

Our market has become more specialised with the addition of Document workflow, managed print services, network scanning, archiving and various document management software.

Advanced Imaging offers a complete solution for your needs. 








  • Conduct an honest and up-front assessment to analyse your current printing infrastructure.

  • Monitor, manage and optimise your total print output environment.

  • Roadmap your current print to reduce the number of devices and supplies.

  • Identify and solve potential printing problems and replenish supplies before employees are affected.

  • Continuously monitor your printing environment.

  • Reduce your environmental footprint through printing less paper, cosuming less energy, generating fewer greenhouse gases and keeping waste out of landfills.

  • Design, Advice and installation.

  • The latest print technology from Kyocera and Konica Minolta.


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