Vision, Professional Audio Visual Installation Products, including speakers, amplifiers with lifetime warranty.

  • Faceplates.
  • Extenders.
  • Cables.
  • Audio.
  • Mounts.
  • Media Player.

All Vision products have a lifetime warranty worldwide with a full money back guarantee. Vision are recommended by some of the world’s leading audio visual brands and we are installed in thousands of schools, meeting spaces and public areas worldwide.

Vision are technical to the core, formed and still run by engineers. This means Vision products are well built, fit for purpose and do some clever additional elements which are designed from experience of what customers need.

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Vision Techconnect Lite 5m Cable Pack

Product no.: 0244

£39.00 *

Vision TechConnect 3m Cable Pack, plus Lite Module

Product no.: 0245

£34.00 *
Current daily price

VISION Techconnect 3m HDMI cable

Product no.: 0276

£6.00 *
Current daily price

Vision Techconnect 5m HDMI cable

Product no.: 0277

£11.00 *
Current daily price

Vision SP-1800 Wall Speakers White, SP1800

Product no.: 0324

£79.00 *
Current daily price

Vision AV-1700 amp & SP1800 Speakers Audio Bundle

Product no.: 0325

£157.60 *
Current daily price

Vision Techconnect 10m HDMI cable

Product no.: 0278

£25.00 *
Current daily price

Vision CS-1800 Ceiling Speakers, CS1800

Product no.: 0327

£85.25 *
Current daily price

Vision TM-IFP Flat Panel Electric Floor Stand

Product no.: 0307

£629.00 *
Current daily price

New Vision TM-CC Flush Projector Bracket

Product no.: 0450

£34.00 *
Current daily price
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Vision TM-IFP Portable Conversion Kit

Product no.: 0350

£195.00 *

Vision SP-800P Speakers, SP800P

Product no.: 0326

Available from 02/08/2016 until 31/10/2016

£35.00 *
Current daily price

Vision Techconnect Stereo 50w Amplifier, TC3-AMP

Product no.: 0328

£116.50 *
Current daily price

Vision Techconnect Module Pack, TC3-PK

Product no.: 0331

£34.00 *

Vision Techconnect HDMI module, TC3 HDMI

Product no.: 0333

£17.00 *

Vision Techconnect TC2-HDMIP, Video, Audio, Infrared extender

Product no.: 0390

Available from 24/08/2016 until 31/10/2016 - Special Price

£135.25 *
Current daily price

Vision Wireless HDMI set

Product no.: 0398

£215.00 *
Current daily price
Delivery weight: 300 g

New Vision SB-800P Active Soundbar 2x12w

Product no.: 0385

£108.00 *
Current daily price
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